Ontario Depot



After the City of Ontario's acquisition of the depot in 1997, an ad hoc committee was formed to partner with the city to restore the building. The Train Depot Restoration Committee raised funds and carried out projects to preserve this historical asset of our community. Most work was done by volunteers. The Train Depot Restoration Committee did a wonderful job of refurbishing the exterior, vestibule, restrooms, main hall, and freight room of the depot.


In 2007, the city of Ontario entered into a contract with the Basque Club for further restoration. With grant funds from the Basque Government in Europe, the Basque Club restored the northernmost room on the ground floor, formerly the ladies' waiting room, for use as a Basque Center. The Basque Club has also renovated the electrical wiring throughout the building.


The second floor was originally intended as station-master's quarters, but was never inhabited. Until the Basque Club installed a stairway, the second floor was only accessible by a pull-down ladder. Work was carried out by Basque Club volunteers to convert the attic into useable space, part of which is avaialble for public use.


Restoration and maintenance continue and donations are greatly appreciated. Rental fees are also used for these purposes.




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300 Depot Lane
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Ontario Train Depot

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